La Fab sur Mill

We are an artist owned, member managed stakeholder co-op and an arts hub that, co-ordinates and creates high quality arts and cultural programming for all levels of artistic abilities and audiences.  We aim to invest in the livelihood of artists in the region and provide the much needed, professionally equipped, and affordable rentable spaces for artists, residents and visitors alike

In our new space, we now have six resident artist studios, an art gallery, a music and live arts performance space, and a multi-use classroom for workshops and classes of all kinds. Our day to day operation is run by volunteers and a paid coordinator. 

VISION – To create a viable and dynamic visual and performing artists’ cooperative functioning as a regional arts centre serving to enhance and catalyze the cultural economy of the Outaouais. 

MISSION – To provide regional visual and performing artists and artisans with a place to create, perform, exhibit and sell their work; to serve as a platform for raising public awareness of the arts, culture, and heritage; and to be a centre for the Outaouais’ artistic education, development and viability.

We are an artist-owned and volunteer-operated centre with one employee. As a co-op, the participation and support of our members is vital to our success. There is a nine-person board of directors, representing artists and the community. They include: 

President: Glen Foster
– Vice-President: Sandy Foote
– Treasurer: Mathieu Frigon
– Secretary: Lyse Huot
– Stefan Kraus
– Kay Kerman
– Richard Austin
– Meghan Lindsay
– Amanda Shaughnessy

In July 2021, the artist’s coop, La Fab Sur Mill (LFSM), established a permanent home for the performing and visual arts through their purchase of the 150-year-old United Church building on Mill Road.  During the last year, the coop embarked on the first phase of an ambitious renovation project to upgrade the church sanctuary and stage to a professional performance and multi-purpose space, create a gallery space and construct an artists’ village space on the lower floor, with 7 studio spaces, a boutique, a workshop room, and a classroom.

In phase two, the coop will restore the exterior of the church to its original 1870s appearance, by replacing the modern windows with historical replicas to honour its heritage value dear to our community. The history of Chelsea is tightly linked to the community churches in the area and how they provided gathering spaces for its residents.

Chelsea is fortunate to have many visual and performing artists living in the community and is well positioned to enhance the quality of life in the community through artistic experiences. Among its goals, LFSM strives to support the livelihoods of artists, become an incubator for the arts and a hub of creative collaboration with other arts and culture groups in our region. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to the cultural economy of the region to attract music and art-loving visitors from near and far.

To date, LFSM has raised $950,000 from federal, provincial, regional, and local governments for the first two phases of the project. Our first year has been dedicated to renovating the building; our second year will build our programming strength, and our long-term plan is to expand the footprint of our coop by adding another wing to the building in the next five years.

The former church sanctuary, renowned for great acoustics, is well-loved and  hosts professional music and performing arts events, as well as exhibitions, meetings and workshops for residents and visitors alike. The new team is working with the municipality and the MRC des Collines to continue contributing to the development of visual and performing arts in the MRC.

Artists Village

Get to know the five resident artists occupying our studios in (at) the LFSM Artists’ Village.

Marie Faulkner

Marie Faulkner creates unique non-objective abstract paintings inspired by the subconscious mind and its boundless creative energies.

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Amanda Pierce

Art became an extension of Amanda’s life early on. A native of Saskatchewan, Canada, she spent her childhood summers exploring and playing outside in nature.

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Richard Tippins

Born 1965 in Oshawa, On, Richard began drawing as a child and has always had a passion for the visual arts. He studied at Algonquin college in Ottawa and earned ….

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Uwe Foehring

Stone and cement artist Uwe Foehring moved to Ottawa 25 years ago and started carving about 15 years ago. He worked in international development…

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Richard Austin

Richard Austin is a former art editor and graphic designer for advertising studios and tabloid newspapers as well as a videographer, painter and photographer.

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